Thursday, January 15, 2009

En route to Florida

My images are now available for sale on the Vision Light Gallery website. You can reach our collection by visiting Vision Light directly or clicking on the purchase link on my website. Jay and I have a large selection of images for sale with Vision Light - and other images can be purchased by contacting me directly. I'm glad to have this section of my site up and running at long last. Preparing large numbers of images for print is a time-consuming process, so I'm glad it's ready to go.

This is the coldest weather we've seen in Cleveland for a few years. The early morning light on the snow is absolutely beautiful this morning - the huge lake North and West of us usually provides a heavy cloud of moisture that hangs over the region all winter long. Today, that cloud is nowhere to be seen.

We'll be leaving around 9:30 this morning. There has already been a change of plans. The boats we'd intended to take to Dry Tortugas are full - so we'll be choosing other locations to shoot during this trip. We're always flexible. :) Florida has a wealth of beautiful locations. We'll be back next week - but I'll try to update my blog as much as possible while we're there. I hope those of you who are dealing with extremely cold temperatures are staying warm!

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