Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Death Valley Workshop - January 2010

Registration is now open for our Death Valley workshop coming up in January of 2010! Spaces are limited - if you want to join us, you’ll need to register right away!

For detailed information, and to register, use this link: https://www.regonline.com/DVworkshop

Death Valley is a Landscape Photographer's dream-come-true. Beautiful skies, incredible textures, and intense colors provide inspiration wherever you go. This is a land of extremes... it is the driest, the hottest, and the lowest place in the Western Hemisphere. Intense weather conditions and an amazing variety of landscapes characterize the area. From the scorched and windblown sands of the dunes, to the peaceful flow of Darwin Falls - from the bizarre salt formations at Badwater, to the fascinating tracks left by moving stones at the Racetrack - Death Valley is a fascinating place.

Students will face a variety of challenges here - including handling a high dynamic range of light, dealing with extreme temperature changes, and reaching remote locations. One of the most important skills for a landscape photographer is choosing the best possible shooting location based upon weather conditions and other environmental factors. In order to learn this skill, students will be encouraged to participate in the selecting the right location under the direction of the instructors.
  • Dates: Jan 29th - Jan 31
  • We will meet in the evening on Jan 28 (the day before the workshop begins) at Stove Pipe Wells to make sure everyone is ready for our early morning shoot on the 29th.
  • Price: $899
We will stay at Stove Pipe Wells, and students will make their own lodging and travel arrangements. There is a camp ground just a few steps away for those who choose to camp. Students will pay for their own transportation, food, and lodging - these are NOT included in the price of the trip. Reservations for lodging in Death Valley are hard to come by so if you are interested in attending the workshop, we highly recommend that you make reservations at Stovepipe wells as soon as possible.

Hotel: http://www.stovepipewells.com/accommodations-1238.html
Campground: http://www.nps.gov/deva/planyourvisit/camping.htm

Here are some images from Death Valley:

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