Saturday, May 24, 2008


The hotel rang our room at 3am with our wakeup call this morning - we'd asked for 3:30, and our clock wasn't plugged in, so we didn't know until after we'd taken our showers that it was earlier than expected. That's all right, though. It gives me a chance to update my blog. :)

Our flight was uneventful, yesterday. We arrived in Las Vegas on time - and then booked it out of there. We made it to The Land of the Sleeping Rainbows in time for sunset - and captured a beautiful one. Third time's the charm... this is our third visit to this location. The first was a dud - no good skies, but we did a lot of exploration. The second time, we missed a glorious sunset... so it was great to finally get what we were after. Now - we'll have to see if we're happy with the results when we get home. We love this amazing spot.

Sunrise is just before 5:30 this morning - so we're up bright an early. Our friends will meet us downstairs at 4, and we'll head for the Toadstools. Whoops - there's the phone... they're ready. Gotta run.


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