Friday, May 2, 2008

Pacific Northwest

Good morning. I was too tired to write last night. I was up at 5:45am EST yesterday morning and didn't get to the hotel until 9:15 PST (which is 12:15am EST). Exhausted. I didn't eat much and had a nasty headache most of the day. But here we are - in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. My favorite place to be. We drove towards Larch Point after getting off the plane, but had to turn back because of deep snow. Too bad. The light on Mount Hood was beautiful, but we couldn't see enough of it from our location to shoot. Instead, we waited near the Columbia River for sunset, but didn't get anything worth shooting. In the end, we got a quick meal at a Chinese place near our hotel - delicious chicken with snap peas - and went to bed. But not before checking to see what the cloud cover would be like this morning. 100 percent cloud cover over our location meant we could sleep a little later than usual. I feel much better today. And we're headed for Washington state and Olympic National Park - with some waterfall shooting along the way.


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