Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Peek a Boo

This is a shot from Peek a Boo canyon taken during our last trip to Utah. I found myself testing the limits of my tripod in this slot canyon. I wish Jay had taken a photo of me shooting this canyon, just so you could see what I was working with. In this case, I shortened the legs of the tripod as much as possible, and then pulled them outward until I could rest the legs against the walls of the canyon. In some cases, I also had to balance precariously in order to set up a shot or wedge my head in behind the camera. The slot canyons are a challenge to shoot - but that makes that all that much more appealing to me. :)
For this shot, I tried to show some of the depth of the canyon. The fantastically patterned walls surprise you at every turn - there's always something new around the bend.

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