Saturday, October 17, 2009

Q and A - Finding the Balance - Part 3

...continued from Q and A - Finding the Balance - Part 2...

When we travel with the kids, we're also concerned about bed-times... so that means late sunset and early sunrise photography are not going to happen. If you can manage it, why not travel with the kids during the winter months? Our kids are all in school now, so winter travel is difficult, but younger families can take advantage of off-season hotel rates and enjoy parks without the crowds that tourist-season brings. Why not take the family to Death Valley in January or February (we've been there many times, but not yet with the kids)? Summer weather in the Mojave Desert is remarkably unpleasant - unless you like scorching heat and bone-dry weather - but the winter months are wonderful. Death Valley is nice and warm in winter, and passing storm-fronts make for wonderful skies. When children are along, shorter winter days mean you can shoot both sunrise and sunset while your child is awake.

And best of all, a playing child makes a perfect "foreground object" for those wide angle scenics. Although they aren't part of my public collection, some of the photos I've taken of my kids are my favorite shots.

So, get out there and shoot! No excuses! :) And have fun - because that's what having kids is all about!

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