Saturday, March 8, 2008


Again. Lots and lots and lots of snow. This is getting ridiculous. Why do I live in Cleveland? Can someone please remind me?

We shoveled the driveway four times today, and we will have to shovel it again before we go to bed. We've had about 2 feet of snow this weekend. The kids built a tunnel after we shoveled the snow the last time... it was about 9 feet long, and large enough for them to crawl through. I kid you not. They had a blast. We came in for dinner when I realized my son was starting to show signs on frostbite on his cheeks. No harm done... happy kids... and they'll sleep well tonight.

Oh - and did I mention the 30 mph winds?

(The photo at the top is actually from out trip to Utah last month. You can take a look at my post from that trip by clicking here.)


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