Saturday, May 24, 2008

Gorgeous Skies

We got lucky today. Beautiful skies everywhere we went. After shooting near the Toadstools in the morning (and failing in our attempt to get a permit to the wave for tomorrow) we visited the Land of the Sleeping Rainbows. Then, we spent a few hours driving a dirt road to Paria Canyon overlooks - we found some excellent locations to return to at sunrise or sunset. After lunch, we visited the Hanging Garden and Lake Powell. And we shot the sunset at Horseshoe Bend. Not a bad set for the day. :) We had a great time with our friends - they suggested the Hanging Garden location... which was truly beautiful.

We're just finishing up our dinner, now - and then we're going to head to bed. We did download today's shots while we waited for our dinner. I can't wait to process them.

Tomorrow? We'll shoot the sunrise wherever the sky is the most impressive - and then we'll head for buckskin gulch. Our last attempt to travel this slot canyon was foiled by deep water and thin ice, so we're hoping we'll make it this time.

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