Saturday, July 19, 2008


We're ditching the coast and heading inland towards mono lake. The coast has a heavy layer of fog hanging over it - typical for this time of year. And there are no storms to bring interesting clouds. And when the fog lifts, the sky is hazy and dull. So, nevermind. We checked the weather conditions for the area, and the best we can hope for is the storm hanging over mono lake - East of Yosemite. So, we'll drive out this morning (about 4 hours) and shoot the lake at sunset. We'll stay out there tonight, and leave around 5am to return to San Francisco to catch our flights.

Yesterday, we drove along highway 1 to see what we could shoot at sunset. We stopped to check out McWay falls - but the park is closed because of fires. Too bad - the sun is at the right angle for a beautiful sunset shot at this time of year. At Pfeiffer beach, the sun was at the wrong angle for a good shot of the light coming through the natural doorways in the rocks. I did take a few shots there, but nothing spectacular. We headed Northward again, and stopped to capture a couple of shots along the highway. The light was beautiful at times, but the wind was exreme. It was nearly impossible to hold my tripod steady - and the wind nearly knocked me down, too. Maybe it's time to gain a few more pounds! Yikes! :)

We'd better get out of here. We have a bit of driving ahead of us - and we'd like to have some time to explore before sunset.

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