Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What I have to do just to get a little work done!

I'm in California today. That's what it takes. I have to fly across the country just to find a few hours to work. :) I managed to catch a couple of earlier flights, so rather than arriving in CA at midnight, I was here by 8pm. I had a fantastic dinner at Banana Leaf in Milpitas, and then went straight to bed. I'm still on Cleveland time. This morning, I drove back to the airport to get my bag - which was on the plane I was originally scheduled to take, and now I've holed up in my hotel room to try and get some work done.

The plan is to get some web design work out of the way. I'm learning Dreamweaver this morning and I should have some time to see what Adobe Fireworks can do, too.

I can tell you right now - if I were at home, I would not be able to sit down and work. I have far too many responsibilities there. Even when I'm supposed to have a free day, something always comes up. Unless I leave the state. :)

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