Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Plug Me In

Yesterday morning, I had fun doing a photo shoot all by myself. I had an idea I wanted to work with, and I planned to be my own model for it. This shot will be sold with several different agencies for stock. It's a combination of photography and PhotoShop work - not my usual style. It's fun to do something a bit different now and then.

The image is a comment on the fact that we all seem to be plugged in most of the time - ipods, laptops, cell phones, video games... etc. Generally, the subject looks into the photograph - in this case, I chose to place my face at the edge of the frame. I've tried to look disengaged from my imediate surroundings. My attention is elsewhere... certainly not on the viewer. Better plug me in. :)

Slef-portraits aren't difficult. My camera was on a tripod and I used the ten-second timer to allow me to get into position before the release of the shutter. It's important to check your focus carefully, since you aren't looking through the view finder when you shoot.

The photoshop part of things wasn't too difficult either. I photographed the USB cable seperately and combined the two photos. I used a series of masks and filters to create the effects I wanted. The most difficult part was getting the cord to seem to pass through my hair.

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