Friday, October 12, 2007


I have fifteen images uploading to Shutterstock - so they should be up and ready for review within a half hour. Uploading them to all our stock sites is going to take a few days and lots of work - key-wording, uploading, categorizing, and then the wait for approval. And then we shoot something else and hope this batch sells.

We did our short run last night. It was nice and cool, so the run felt easier than usual. And afterwards we went to the gym and did our upper body workout. We train year round for photography - running and working out regularly so that we can make the long hikes that are required in some cases. We don't have specific plans for November, yet. But we usually take a few days each month and shoot the heck out of a chosen location.

Meanwhile, I'm waiting for the best of the Autumn colors, here in Ohio. When they arrive, I'll spend some time photographing the parks here. Last year, I took a shot of one of the lakes in Shaker, Ohio. Although I like the shot, I wasn't entirely pleased with it in the end. It looks fake to me. And it is. I found the brightest leaves and placed them in a pleasing pattern. It was fun - and cold and wet - and the final image is lovely. But the fact is, nature doesn't place leaves neatly where we want them. It drops them randomly. And I like it better that way. Here's the shot. What do you think?

I really prefer an image like this one... the leaves are right where the trees dropped them. It's reality. And it's beautiful, too. :)


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