Saturday, May 31, 2008


Horseshoe Bend - Colorado River, Arizona. Huge storms were moving through the area on the evening I took this shot. Our friends were concerned about the weather, and decided not to join us, but we were thrilled with the dynamic skies. We spent a few minutes shooting from the sandy hillside overlooking the bend, and then approached as the sun neared the horizon.

The view here is absolutely stunning - I'm sure many of you have seen photos from this location before. The blue-green Colorado river meanders around this spectacular bend, and you are looking at it from 500 feet above. The cliffs are sheer - and there are no railings. We set up our tripods as close to the edge as possible, and started shooting. I shot at f/22 in order to capture the flare in the sun, and I'm happy with the results. I used my Canon 10-22mm lens to get as wide as possible (without resorting to a fish-eye lens, and dealing with extreme distortion). I love my 10-22mm. :)

I updated my website this week as well. There are some new shots up, so maybe that will hold you over until I get a little more work done, here.

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