Friday, April 17, 2009

Snappers, and peepers, and ticks... oh my!

We've had a great time in Kentucky. We spent the morning letting the kids play in the park, then took a cave tour this afternoon after lunch. Afterwards, we spent a long time circling the lake - looking for (and finding) tadpoles (giant ones), frogs, bats, salamanders, and turtles. The kids caught peepers (tiny frogs that make a very BIG noise), and we saw a big snapping turtle in the water.

We were exhausted after a long day with the kids - but the discovery of ticks (thanks, Jenny!) meant everyone had to be pulled out of bed for tick-checks. We removed two from our girls... glad we found them... I hope I haven't missed any! Ah well - it wouldn't be the first time we've run into ticks.

The caves were beautiful, the stars were bright, and the company has been absolutely fantastic! So - ticks or not - we're having a great time!


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