Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nearly finished

Yep - I'm nearly finished. I've almost learned the entire Czech language. I should be completely fluent by the end of the week. Not bad, eh? It took me about three days. MAN! Am I smart or what?

No - sorry. Actually, I'm nearly finished with uploading the batch of stock images I started last week. Usually I finish the uploading, categorizing, and key wording process in a few days. But this time, I'm way behind. But not to worry. My boss doesn't mind too much. She's very understanding - and kind, and funny, and smart... yeah... it's me. Shrug.

As for learning Czech. That's going well too. I've moved past the Ostrich bit - that really wasn't helping anything. Now I'm picking up some photography related phrases -

"Krásně světlo" - Fine lighting.

"Paradni misto" - Beautiful location.

and my favorite so far...

"Celkovo fajn" - which as far as I can tell means something along the lines of "Totally groovy."

See? Useful stuff!

I posted my first photo on Light Harmony. Go check it out. I will try to get more images up during the week. Meanwhile, I'm translating hundreds of posts from other members - trying to get up to speed and figure out the basics of the language. (That's my brain up there - or what's left of it. It burned up.) :)


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