Sunday, December 16, 2007

And then it snowed...

... and snowed, and snowed...

We've been shoveling snow all day. Three times today. And the second time, I broke my finger. Yep. Shoveling snow. I hear you... pathetic. Still, it hurts. The good news? It's not my shutter release finger. So all is well. I am, however, typing this with 9 fingers - the tenth has been neatly splinted and taped by my dear husband. Thanks, love. :)

Of course, that's not Cleveland up there. It's Bryce Canyon. Another shot from our recent trip. I sure wish we had something like that in our back yard. It would make all this cold weather a lot more fun!

This series of shots has been a good one. The trip turned out very well. I have one image ready to be printed on canvas for Canvas Visions. I am looking forwards to seeing it at such a large size! :) I'm also working on a couple of articles - two travelogues, a technical article, and an update for an older one. Stock has been on hold lately because I've had so many other things to do, but I have a couple of shoots in the planning stages.

And of course, I'm processing these images whenever I have the time.

So - back to work!


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