Friday, January 4, 2008

New Gallery

I added a new Showcase gallery to my website, today. Along with several images that have been waiting to take their place in other galleries. The showcase gallery will automatically load when someone visits my site, and it contains my most popular photos - and the ones I like best. :)

We have about ten inches of snow on the ground today - most of it fell earlier in the week. It has been VERY cold, here, so I don't mind working at my computer today. I spent some time outdoors yesterday, and I'll get a good workout tonight... before heading to the Cleveland Photographic Society meeting. I am entering two photos in the Nature competition tonight - and Jay is entering two as well. We don't get to go to the meetings as much as we'd like, but we go when we can. we're looking forward to seeing lots of friends there tonight - I hope people don't stay away because of the cold!

I've also finished up a new version of my Seeing the Light article for Outback Photo. It is not yet available on their website, and I'll post it on mine when it appears on theirs. The original version - which is much shorter - can still be downloaded as a PDF from my website.


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