Saturday, March 22, 2008

Continuing the Saga...

I promised to get back to our Arizona trip... so here you go...

Navajo Falls required a detour from the main trail - and a river crossing. We crossed with the help of a couple of logs that had fallen across a small falls. Just around a bend we found ourselves in front of a stunningly beautiful waterfall. The colors here were not so intense, and the drop was less impressive than Havasu Falls... but there was a serenity at Navajo Falls that gave it a life of it's own. Not the pounding of water falling from a great height - but a steady flow down the hill and over the fantastic formations at our feet. We tried hard not to damage the delicate underwater patterns, but it was impossible not to stir up sediment from the bottom, and the slightest mis-step could cause damage. It was clear - at least - that any damage we did would be covered by layers of sediment before long. Still - I hate to make marks when I pass through. Here, it couldn't be avoided... except by keeping out of the water.

We spent a few hours photographing Navajo Falls before heading back to our campsite. I would love to return to this spot later in the Spring - some fresh, green leaves would make the location even more beautiful. I'd like to convert that first image to black and white, too. The colors are beautiful, but I'm even more fascinated by texture and detail in that shot. I'll post it here when I make the conversion... you'll all have to tell me what you think.

I'd like to thank all of you who have sent me emails recently. It's great to hear from you, and I appreciate the time you take out of your lives to let me know what you think of my work. I try to make sure I respond to every email that comes my way - and every comment on my blog will get a response as well.

I'll write more about our trip as soon as I can - thanks for your patience with me.


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