Sunday, August 3, 2008


It has been difficult to spend time on the computer since we arrived in Italy. We have been busy visiting with our friends, and seeing some of the countryside. Of course, in summer the skies are rarely right for landscape photography, but we are taking photographs of our friends when we can. We visited Venice a few days ago - the city is beautiful - but it was terribly crowded. We hope to visit again in Spring or Fall sometime so that we can capture images of the city under beautiful skies. And perhaps it will be less crowded with toursists during those seasons. As I said in an earlier post, we are visiting Italy to be with our friend, Anna. She seems to be doing well, and it has been wonderful to spend time talking with her. We are picking up some Italian, too. :)

I will be back in the US and ready to work again on Wednesday - although the children will be at home for a few more weeks before school begins. This has been a very nice vacation for us - usually when we travel, we work very hard every day. On this trip, I have been able to sleep a bit more than usual (there's no reason to get up at 4am each day), and our Italian friends are excellent company. And the food - wow. Just wow.

So despite an extremely severe case of Poison Ivy which I brought with me from home, I am quite content. :) I do miss the kids, though.

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