Monday, March 24, 2008

Stock shoot...

I know, I know... my blog jumps from one topic to the next without rhyme or reason. It must be pretty confusing. I'm sorry about that - but the fact is, that's how I work. I really have no choice if I want to make money from photography. I do a stock shoot when I have a model. I process those shots in between my landscape shots - and I update my website or write my blog posts when my eyes are too tired to deal with tiny detail and precise color balance. So - here I am. I've been processing images from a recent stock shoot. This model is one of my favorites -she has such fantastic facial expressions. Once I get a few more images processed, you are all going to be in for quite a treat. Just wait... you'll see what I'm talking about. This was SUCH a fun shoot.

But - I can't promise that my next post will be on this topic. I still haven't finished processing my photographs from Arizona - so maybe I'll continue with that story... or maybe I'll post some more of these stock images... or maybe I'll tell you about our trip to Presque Isle in Pennsylvania this weekend. I really don't know. I hope it isn't driving you nuts. And if it is - well - sorry. My job simply isn't linear. It jumps around like this every single day. To be honest - I love it. :)


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