Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Website Updates...

I just finished my short run - in the rain. :) It was a great day for running... nice and cool, and not wet enough to soak me through. I also took a different route than I usually do, which makes the run much more interesting. Now I'm starving. But I thought I'd put up a quick post before I eat.I put some time into updating my website today. The second part of my Following the Light article is now available on Outback photo. You can also download it from the articles page at I hope to be able to update my image galleries tomorrow.
I processed and uploaded several stock photographs today as well. This is a shot of our friend Anna - the one we were visiting in Italy last month. The last time she was in the US, Jay took this shot at a rose garden in Oregon. I processed the image today - removing four people who were standing in the path behind her, cleaning up rose petals that were littering the path, and removing product logos from her bag, chair, and shirt. It always takes quite a while to make changes like these to a photo - but for stock, it's necessary. Of course, I wouldn't change Anna. She's lovely just as she is. :) I love the challenge of doing this kind of stock work, so I won't complain. I have finished uploading, so tomorrow I'll be able to focus on my website.

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