Sunday, August 24, 2008

Soccer, bee stings, and an auction...

We spent Friday night at a soccer game - my son's team versus Jay's son's team. :) Saturday, we had four more soccer games. It was a long and very hot day, but we had a good time. Except for one bee sting (one of our seven-year olds) and one fever of 102 degrees (Jay). We took some nice photos at the evening games - nice lighting. We love our Canon 135mm f/2 lens for soccer games - we can get nice close up shots from the sidelines, and since it's a fast lens, we can freeze the action beautifully.

We sent Jay to bed once the soccer games were over, and I built a fire in the back yard. The kids and I roasted hot dogs and marshmallows (they had lots of veggies and grapes, too), and then we put up the tents. The kids slept in the back yard. They had a great time, and Jay is feeling quite a bit better today.

We spent a good part of the afternoon at the Cleveland Photographic Society auction... sold some equipment, but didn't buy anything. Now, Jay is feeling poorly again, and I'm not feeling so well, either. We're putting in a movie and we'll go to bed early.

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