Sunday, September 28, 2008

Long Weekend

Jay and I drove up to Sandusky this weekend to see if we could get a shot of the Marblehead lighthouse on Lake Erie. The shot you see here was taken a couple of years ago, and although I like it, I'd really like to see a more spectacular sky. We've visited this spot several times in the past year - it's only about two hours from our home - but the sky isn't generally very cooperative over Lake Erie. Although the sky looked fantastic further inland, the clouds thinned out as we reached the lake shore. So, we headed back home. No luck. We often visit the same location several times since cloud cover is so unpredictable. We follow weather patterns and keep track of wind direction, but our best guess isn't always good enough.

In other news - my new website will go live this week. I'm doing a little bit of last minute testing, and the site should be up and running in a few days. So, get a good last look at the existing site. You may never see it again. :)

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