Thursday, January 31, 2008

No update...

Sorry everyone. I couldn't update my website today. My system has been running very slowly and it was necessary to transfer a large chunk of data to my external hard drive and back up my system. I've cleaned off my hard drive as much as possible so that I can work more effectively, and as soon as I defrag, I'll be ready to get back to work. Sorry for the delay...

But there's going to be another one. Our Sunday photo shoot was canceled, so we have the weekend free - and a free weekend means travel. We'll leave for Florida tomorrow afternoon, and we'll return Monday. This will be a short trip, but I'm looking forward to it. Warm sunshine sounds fantastic right about now. I'm fighting a series of colds that won't quit - maybe a few days in a warmer climate will help. We'll shoot as much as we can, and with any luck I'll have a few more shots to add to my portfolio when I return.I'm sorry to keep you all waiting, but it can't be helped. I did work on a shot whenever I had a moment during data transfers - this one took several tries. I wanted to eliminate reflections to a certain degree, but that can be difficult. I don't have a good light tent right now, but I finally came up with a setup that worked. I made a hood for my camera - shaped like a cone - from white fabric. I needed fabric that would allow light to pass through - but not harsh glare. I wanted soft, directional lighting, so I used a single flash bounced off an umbrella. I'm happy with the results.


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