Friday, February 1, 2008

Sketchy connection...

I'm sitting in the Pittsburg Airport. The weather here reminds me of another time and place...

I was in France with my children, and we visited Annecy on a gloomy day. This is the "moody" shot I took that day. My children played behind me on the sand, while I set up my tripod on these slippery rocks. That is Mont Blanc in the distance. Although this isn't one of my very best works, I like the shot.

They have free wireless here in the airport - sort of. I think I've updated my website... I uploaded a few files via ftp, and although it took a while, they did transfer. My galleries page seems to have been updated, but I can't check the individual galleries - the connection can't seem to handle the slide show component. So - I'm hoping everything is running smoothly. If not, I'll correct it next time I have a solid connection. Bear with me, please. :)

We should arrive in West Miami Beach sometime this evening, and we'll head for Homestead first thing in the morning. As usual, I can't count on a connection, so I'll do what I can. I hope you all have a beautiful weekend.


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