Thursday, March 27, 2008


Here's a shot that Jay took. That's me in the photograph. I decided to try to cross the river despite the high water - and the cold morning. I'm glad I did. The water was about 65 degrees - not too cold. The air was a bit chilly - but nothing to complain about. I was wearing my water shoes and my neoprene socks, so my feet weren't cold. And my waterproof jacket kept the water out despite the heavy mist from the falls. My quick-drying pants were soaked after this, but they are - after all - "quick-drying"... so they dried quickly. Aha!

There was a lot of mist from the waterfall, so I had to clean my lens constantly, and keep it covered between shots. I was drenched from head to toe by the time I got back to the other side of the river - and I didn't even fall in. Luckily, my camera didn't get too wet.

We're headed for West Virginia, today. I haven't finished processing shots from Arizona, yet. And I'm still working on Lake Erie shots from Pennsylvania. Plus some stock shots that are still hanging over me. I need a few quiet weeks to get caught up. Heck - forget that. I'd rather be out there shooting. I can process when I'm too old to travel. :)


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