Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pemaquid Point

We're loving Maine. The coast is absolutely beautiful - smooth, grooved rocks stretching for miles, and beautiful lighthouses everywhere you go. The skies were completely uninteresting today, but we stopped to explore Pemaquid Point. I did take a couple of shots despite the dull skies, but we'll have to return to this location under better conditions. Tomorrow, we are likely to head North - or possibly West. Weather reports are showing the edge of a front at the Northern tip of Maine, and another patch of storm clouds a couple of hours West of us. That's what we need for great skies. We hope to find ourselves some beautiful autumn color as well.

Tonight, we're staying at a Super 8 in Agusta. We're taking a look at weather maps and doing some research before we head to bed. We may be getting up pretty early tomorrow - depending upon where we decide to begin the day.

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